Everything starts with a spark. An idea. A vision. I remember it all began when I was eight years old, running around my room with my toy action figures as i sang the melodies to an original “movie" I was envisioning. I told myself that day, “I am going to do this for a living when I’m older.” And so my journey began as I taught myself the piano, cello, accordion, trumpet, ukulele, guitar and singing, all in an attempt to bring to life the visions that I held so dear in my mind. And although its been a dog’s age for a lonesome crooner with no audience, I have managed, regardless of how slow it has been, to understand how to bring my visions, ideas and music to you. I am now in my twenties and I feel the time has come for my music to be heard. It is such a delight to me that you enjoy my music, and I hope as time passes you will continue to join me with bliss on this journey from a nobody, to a somebody. Thank you.
Sincerely and with much love,